What if my baby has sensitive skin or eczema?

In order to keep your baby’s skin healthy, especially if it is very sensitive skin or prone to rosacea or eczema, you need to take special care.

When it comes to baby’s skin care, keep things simple. Use natural products with as few ingredients as possible, or just wash with plain water. Your baby’s skin is delicate, and multiple ingredients or harsh chemicals can cause reactions. Products used for diapering and moisturizing should also be limited to keep your baby’s skin healthy.

During the winter months, protect your baby’s skin by changing out of wet clothes and socks as soon as you can. Keeping wet cloth, especially wet wool, against their skin can lead to itching, dry skin, and even sores.

If your baby is prone to eczema on their arms, legs, or torso, watch the kinds of fabrics you buy for them to wear. Wool or spandex can cling or irritate the skin causing a flare-up. Light organic cotton will help keep their skin dry and cool and are best especially if they’ll be active. See baby apparel by clicking here.

To relieve itchy skin that is being irritated by cold air, eczema, or other conditions, try Pure & Simple baby Earth Friendly Shampoo and Body Wash.  Here is Pure & Simple describes it:

Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is very gentle on your baby’s skin and hair, and leaves no residue. It is made with organic, all natural ingredients and contains no harsh detergents or chemicals. This is a convenient shampoo/body wash combination that makes bath time easy and creates less waste because you won’t have to use different containers. Not tested on animals.

Earth friendly shampoo and bodywash

Once your baby’s skin is clean, you should soothe it and help it heal with an organic ointment like Pure & Simple baby’s Monkey Balm. The product gets a 5-star review from us. Here’s what Pure & Simple says about it:

Monkey Balm 

  • Monkey Balm is a 100% homemade, all-natural remedy for eczema and extremely dry skinand is formulated specifically for children and infants.
  • Monkey Balm’s formula includes all-natural ingredients and features the amazing healing power of the sea buckthorn berry.
  • Monkey Balm improves eczema and dry-skin in 3 days
  • You can also use Monkey Balm as a soothing agent for sunburns, minor scrapes and burns, and rashes

Monkey Balm

After using all of these methods your baby’s skin should return to being soft and supple. The only way to keep your baby’s skin irritation at bay is to go the extra mile to take good care of their skin!

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