Organic Makeup – Learn to Read the Labels

Though the label may read as organic make up, do you really know whether it contains harmful chemicals? The guidelines dictate that any kind of organic make up or other organic product needs to have at least 70% of organic ingredients in order to be classified as organic makeup. Since cosmetics are not really paid much attention to, many chemical based products could, in fact, be labelled as natural.

People love to use the word ‘organic’ to promote their products and it makes customers flock to their product. These so called organic products are often expensive. This is why label reading is essential to separate the chaff from the wheat and protect yourself.

What Organic Should Really Mean

Organic means something that is derived from the living environment like plants and animals. Organic also means a holistic approach which implies paying attention to not just the results but also the side effects and the long term effects. A lot of people are buying organic make up or mineral make up these days which promises to keep their skin breathing and not clog their pores. However, most of the time these products have artificial additives like colors and even fragrances.

The Ingredients You’ll Find in Organic Make up

Real organic make up consists of plant and mineral extracts which are gentle on your skin. This kind of make up uses plants which have natural soothing, cleansing and healing properties. Generally this kind of make up is made by using parts like bark, seeds, roots, flowers, berries and grinding, pressing or mixing them. Moreover, the plants used are not subjected to pesticides and other chemicals. Most organic make up products will have some kind of mark, sign or seal which will be displayed prominently to prove that they are indeed organic.

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