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Are You Risking Your Health by Not Using Natural Bath and Body Products?

When it comes to bath and body products, you probably aren’t aware of just how much you use. But statistics say that we use nine different products a day – but do you choose safe, natural bath and body products, or are you unknowingly getting into contact with chemicals throughout the day?

How Non-Natural Products Can Affect Us

When you use non-natural bath and body products, you are putting your body into contact with a variety of different chemicals that can cause symptoms such as:

  • Allergic reactions and skin sensitivity.
  • Diseases such as cancer (as shown in preliminary research).
  • Early puberty in children.
  • An increase in allergies and asthma.
  • Certain ingredients having an effect on our hormonal systems.
  • Toxic chemicals being released into the environment, damaging our earth and water supplies.

You might think that just about everything you use has to be regulated, but when it comes to non-natural bath and body products this, unfortunately, is not the case.

Why? Because the makers of these products claim that chemicals are found in such small quantities that they won’t do us any harm.

But look at it like this:
Since you use on average nine of these products a day, you’re already increasing the risk. The long-term effects have also yet to be studied, and exposure over your life can lead to added risk.

Buying Natural Bath and Body Products

If you want to go for the natural alternatives then you still need to be careful – after all, many companies use the word ‘natural’ without ever backing up the claims. Instead, check the labels and avoid ingredients such as:

  • Parabens,
  • Phalates,
  • Fragrance,
  • Petroleum.

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