Are Organic Hair Products Really Better?

Are Organic Hair Products Really Better? It can be confusing?

Although you know you want clean, healthy, and manageable hair, some shampoo and conditioner labels just sound scary– “ammonium xylenesulfonate”, “sodium laureth sulfate”, “glycol distearate” sound like ingredients you wouldn’t want to use to scrub your sink let alone wash your hair!

But don’t worry, for those who want to skip the confusing terminology and ingredients they can’t pronounce, there is the option to go organic. But sometimes even that’s easier said than done. Marketed as organic, botanical, herbal or chemical-free, hair care that promises “all-natural ingredients” and “plant and fruit extracts” has become a driving market force. But for all its popularity with consumers, is organic really better? Are there benefits to choosing products that boast green tea and chamomile?

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The idea that nature holds everything we need for health and happiness is not a new one. People have long made their own cosmetics and beauty products using ingredients found in the produce aisle of the supermarket or in their gardens. County fairs and small shops have long sold homemade “all-natural” products, but it wasn’t until the mainstream “Green Revolution” of the early 1990s that the idea hit full force. As awareness grew about the environment, manufacturers began to focus on ‘recyclable’ instead of ‘disposable’. People started paying more attention to what they were putting on their bodys, including on the their hair.

Suddenly lavender, chamomile, and mint became the ingredients consumers searched for on product labels. Soon organic and all natural products were accepted onto store shelves and sold next to traditional products. Promising well-ness and friendship with nature, the mainstream market promptly exploded. Estee Lauder launched the “all-natural” Aveda line, and Clairol started up Natural Instincts and organic Essences and those were just the largest players.

Organic Hair Products

And now more than ever consumers are concerned about what they are using on their bodies.

First it’s the idea of kinder, gentler ingredients that are more environmentally friendly. By going organic the consumer is helping to protect the planet and their own well being. But there’s some fog surrounding the organic concept. Most organic supplements lack FDA approval; the same applies to many of the ingredients that are used in organic hair care. There is also no real definition about what constitutes a “natural” product, for even though a shampoo may contain lavender or oatmeal, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely chemical free.

Star AniseSome proponents of organic hair care, however, insist that the products are, indeed, better than traditional varieties. Shampoos can contain synthetic detergents that some find damaging to the hair shaft, or irritating to sensitive scalps. Others tout the benefits of individual herbs– clary sage is thought to improve shine, lavender balances an oily scalp, lemon extract can strip residue from hair, the amino acids in rosemary maintain health, tea tree oil can control dandruff and ylang-ylang supposedly protects against split ends.

Everyone’s hair is different. When choosing a hair care regimen, organic may be your answer. In the sense of hair care, your best bet is to find what works best for YOU. In the sense of protecting the environment, organic is better; washing less detergents and chemicals into the planet is always a good thing. So keep your eyes open, read labels, and check the ingredient listings.

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